Capitalism has the nature of growing in order to pay interest, and the nature caused globalization, destruction of cultures, destruction of environment, and population explosion, and it has come to the point of maximum absurdity of reducing population by vaccines. Population explosion could have been stopped if Westerners had listened to some fundamental questions about their civilization.

The first trials for Westerners to reexamine their civilization were beatnik movement and hippie movement, and the fundamental questions raised by Lynn White, Jr, and Marcuse, which started those movements were very important for the future of mankind, but those movements failed, and those important questions have been forgotten. If those questions had been examined thoroughly, I believe such a plan like depopulation by global elites could have been avoided.

The next civilization has to be a better version of this civilization. Defects should be removed and virtues preserved. I examined what factors of Western civilization have led to the success of it and what have led to the failure, and I've come to this conclusion.

  1. Anti-intellectualism, an idea that all humans are equal before god has led to the success.
  2. Believe in conscience, inner voice that resists against authority and majority has led to the success
  3. Anthropocentrism, an idea that god gave humans dominion over every living thing on earth has led to the failure
  4. Elitism that justifies dominion over other humans has led to the failure
  5. Blind diligence that might turn people into Satan's servants has led to the failure
  6. Sex taboos that are meant to turn people into diligent workers(slaves) has led to the failure

A little bit about me. I am Kay Omura from Japan. Currently living in Kyoto. I am an ex-talent scout and have been a spiritist for 30 years.

Kay Omura

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