Feminism is an Issue of National Security Part 2

Continued from Part 1

When Japan lost World War 2, the occupation army of Allied Powers(mainly USA) pushed Western feminism to the Japanese society.

As helpless women of color, they became ideal candidates for American salvation and emancipation. The occupier's zeal for liberation of Japanese women from indigenous male domination was all-consuming and multifaceted.

Feminism and the Cold War in the U.S. Occupation of Japan

U.S. Occupation of Japan

U.S. Occupation of Japan

Feminism was created to destabilize society.

Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society, Tax Women And Set Up The NWO Aaron Russo

How The Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women By Henry Makow PhD

I don't know if the occupation army had such an intention of destabilizing Japanese society. USA was expecting future confrontation against Soviet Union, and Japan was expected to be an outpost. I think their intention behind pushing feminism was simply their liberal motivation. I think those American men in the occupation army grew up seeing how their fathers mistreating their mothers and grew sense of justice and wanted to liberate American women, but they couldn't get such a chance in their home country so when they won the war against Japan, they found a chance to liberate women. The ironical truth was that Japanese women had already been liberated.

The occupation army taught Japanese people both men and women are equal. Women were encouraged to vote, pursuit career, and have men help their household chores, but pushing feminism to a society which was already feminist caused imbalance of rights and responsibilities. Fathers' authority in family was diminished while their responsibilities were kept, and families lost cohesive power. Many of families became dysfunctional.

Kazoku Game

Here is a list of major consequences that the occupation feminism caused in Japan.

  1. Men of lower income lost their values because women could earn money themselves.

  2. Women with career became too old to marry because they waited too long for men of better income.

  3. Because fathers lost authority, many families became dysfunctional, and children of those families became adult children(vulnerable adults).

  4. Because fathers lost authority, boys lost chance to learn how to be a man, and they became otaku and loli(mild pedophilia).

Because of these consequences, having sex became extremely difficult in Japan. Today in Japan 40 years old virgin is quite common. One in four of unmarried men of late 30s is still virgin, and one in three of unmarried women of late 30s is also still virgin(source). Japanese boys who could not expect good career and those who didn't have chance to have a role model of man lost hope in relationship and marriage and became otakus. Otakus are those who gave up on love and marriage and chose anime characters as their waifus although many of them deny this definition because they don't want to look losers. Some of those who could expect good career also became otaku from fear of Japanese men's worst nightmare, which is that a wife leaves her husband with children and child support. It is well known among Western men who married to Japanese women that Japanese mothers would abduct children(International parental child abduction in Japan). The West is taking the same path as Japan's, and the growing number of Incels and MGTOWs is the proof. They are Western equivalent of otakus

2017-2093 a picture of yourBaby Metal

The problems of otakus are not only that they can't make babies but also they are not interested in the future of their society. Here is an international survey of a question if people would fight for their country at war. Japan has the least percentage of yes answer.

Would you fight for your country?

It has been proven from Japan's experience that feminism is a very effective method of destructing a society. You teach women to not respect men and father, and boys lose role models and can't have confidence. They don't know how to treat a woman and can't have a family. They have nothing to protect and don't care about the future of their society. Woke women today believe they have rights to be protected, but whether they have rights or not, there is actually nobody who would want to protect their rights. It's time for woke women to realize feminism only makes them most vulnerable.

D-day meme

If you are an American, please support this theory because your voices saying "the occupation feminism was a mistake" will deprogram the brainwash set to the minds of Japanese women, and if it happens, I believe you can also deprogram white women.








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