Money is Zero-Sum Game, but Love is Win-Win and has No Limit

Today we live in the world where eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity. The middle class is vanishing in the richest countries like America and Japan, and many people are falling below poverty line every day. We thought capitalism would make everybody rich, but it was only for some decades, and today we have few super rich people and many of poor people. Why did this happen? Why is capitalism such a disappointing and dysfunctional system? I explain why money is incompetent and love is perfect.

Money has several important characteristics. One is that you cannot issue money. Only a government and banks can. Another character is the amount of money they can issue is limited. It is because if they issue too much of money, they would go bankrupt. The third character is money is stronger when it's bigger. Bigger money has more power than divided small money. Here is a video that shows the power of bigger money.

Because of this character, people try to accumulate money, and it leads to monopoly. It was Marx who said competition leads inevitably to monopoly.


This is why just eight men own same wealth as half the world today. The fourth character is money makes people deceptive where the market is saturated. Everybody is happy when the market is growing, but once the market is saturated, since the amount of money in the market is limited, it gets difficult to make money. It's called zero-sum game. If someone makes money, someone loses money. In such a situation, many smart people become deceptive in order to make money unless they are Christians or taught to hate money because deceiving less smart people is easier for smarter people than offering better service. Those who deny conspiracy theories are people who want to deceive other themselves or people who are so naive and unsuspecting or people who are scared to admit those theories. If money is zero-sum game, love is win-win. You can give love, and anybody can give love, and there is also no limit in the amount of love you give. The amount of love a society can hold is limitless. There is no such thing like saturation in love. If each person in a society give love to each other as much as they can, the total amount of happiness the society hold is probably a hundred times bigger than a society of money. It's a literal heaven on earth.

Music were better in 80s.

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