Low Self-Esteem of Younger Generation is Because of Lack of Mother Love

Suicide and depression rates have been skyrocketing among younger generation. Millennials are more likely to die prematurely from suicide and drug overdoses than previous generations were(source). Between 2009 and 2017, rates of depression among those ages 14 to 17 increased by more than 60%(source). These articles are explaining their difficult financial situation, and I can agree that money situation can be a direct reason for depression and suicide, but it's a bit superficial. The real issue here is the mental resilience of younger generation I believe. Mental resilience is difficult to convert to numbers so it's difficult to conduct a survey of it, but I believe the mental resilience of younger generation is much lower than that of older generation.

Cyber bullying

Internet Addiction and Low Self-Esteem
One of the significant characteristics of younger generation is internet addiction. Games and social networks are almost their meanings of lives. The reason younger generation use social networks is because they need constant approvals. There is a research data that says individuals with low self-esteem usually are in a need for constant approval from their friends and loved ones in order to feel valuable and precious(source). There is however a vicious circle in social networks. They come to social networks for help but find happier people and become depressed. 121 studies have found that social media use likely causes more harm than good(source). Many theories of depression assume that low self-esteem is a defining feature of depression(source) .

Depressed people

Every Child is Entitled to Have Mother's Unconditionl Love
I put all the blame for younger generation's low self-esteem, social network addiction, and depression on capitalism and wrong feminism because I believe the reason of low self-esteem is simply the result of loveless childhood. Every single child is entitled to receive unconditional love from their parents. I can't stress it enough because loveless childhood can literally cause a death. There was an experiment by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II if newborn babies could survive without love. Those babies were fed and bathed but were not talked to and smiled at. All the babies died within a year(Language deprivation experiments).

Mother and her baby

All the money is debt, and because it is debt, all the money comes with interest. Economy has to grow in order to pay interest, and when the global market was saturated, international bankers decided to promote feminism because if women left house and started to work outside, the economy would grow again. It used to be women's job to give love to their children, but wrong feminism has completely overwritten our common sense, and today nobody has the slightest question on leaving an infant to a daycare and how it affects their mentality. People think women should be saved, but the people who really need to be saved are children.

What feminists think


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